• Welcome by Prof. Das, Dean Academics and R&D, IIIT Bangalore

  • Introductions and Welcome by
    Dr.David Beel, Dr. Leanne Townsend and Prof. Dinesh

  • Technology at the Edge
    By Prof. Alan Dix

  • Examples and Challenges of leveraging Technology in Rural Areas
    By Rajeev Kuchhal

  • Presentation of SIRA
    By Leanne Townsend (University of Aberdeen)

  • Digital Hampi (Heritage) Project
    By Dr. Prithvi Raj

  • Quick Fire presentation of participants - I
    (Lightning talks from other participants)

  • Coffee and networking.

  • Socionity Project: Vision, Results and Prospects
    By Prof. Navjyoti Singh

  • Presentation of CURIOS
    By David Beel and Gemma Webster (University of Aberdeen)

  • Re-narration Culture and the Social Web
    By TB Dinesh

  • Superfusion
    By Dr. Jonathon Sapsed

  • Lunch & Networking

  • Breakout Session
    Participants in groups of 5 discuss about the cultural differences between India and UK

  • Citizen Senze
    by Helen Pritchard

  • Use of Digital Technologies for a Community co-operative initiative by Vijayanand Bhat and Lokesh Bhat

  • Internet addresses in non-Roman scripts by Chris Dillon

  • Breakout session
    Participants in groups of 5, discuss aspects of digital cultural empowerment and the role of research for India and the UK

  • LawDigital: Digital cartography, participatory media, and the limits of legal discourse
    by Dr. Emile Devereax

  • Presentation of University of the Village
    by Magda Tyzlik-Carver

  • Breakout session - Begin to identify cross-cutting research themes for UK and India collaboration and potential projects.

  • Workshop end for day

  • Workshop Dinner(Lord's Plaza)